Domestic Airlines

As of October 30, 2007 the total fleet size of commercial airlines in India is 439. In 1994 the Air Corporation Act of 1953 was repealed with a view to remove monopoly of air corporations on scheduled services, enable private airlines to operate scheduled service, convert Indian Airlines and Air India to limited company and enable private participation in the national carriers. However, beginning 1990 private airline companies were allowed to operate air taxi services, resulting in the establishment of Jet Airways and Air Sahara (Now Jet Lite). These changes in the Indian aviation policies resulted in the increase of the share of private airline operators in domestic passenger carriage to 68.5% in 2005 from 0.4 of 1991.

Market share
Domestic market share of Indian air carriers by passengers carried as of April, 2009

Current market share of Indian carriers in the domestic aviation market is shown below: