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Raisinghnagar is a city and a municipality in Sri Ganganagar district in the Indian state of Rajasthan.

Raisinghnagar tehsil is one of the 9 tehsils of Ganganagar district known as “the food basket of Rajasthan” & 70km from Shri Ganganagar district. It is located in central-western area of the district. Raisinghnagar is the headquarter of tehsil. It’s northern border touches Karanpur tehsil and Padampur tehsil. It’s eastern border touches with Suratgarh tehsil. The southern border is with Vijaynagar tehsil and Anoopgarh tehsil. The western border touches Bahawalnagar district of Pakistani Punjab. The waters of Gang canal irrigates farms of this tehsil. Hindi, Punjabi and Bagri (a dialect of Rajasthani language) languages a


As of 2001 India census, Raisinghnagar had a population of above 27,707. Males constitute 54% of the population and females 46%. Raisinghnagar has an average literacy rate of above 74%. Popular person of this city is heart hacker (continue fail in 6 exams )

Tehsils and other towns

There are following tehsils in Ganganagar district.

1.Sri Karanpur
7.Shri Vijaynagar


Economy of Raisinghnagar is dependent on agriculture.


Most people of Raisinghnagar practices Hindu and Sikh religions. People worships folk gods like Ramdevji, Gogaji etc. many have faith in Pirs, Saint and they visit their khanghahs (shrines). A number of people are followers of Dera-culture such as Sachcha-Sauda, Radha-Soami and Nirankari deras.


The climate of Raisinghnagar varies to extreme limits. The Summer Temperature reaches up to 50° Celsius and Winter Temperature dips just around -1° Celsius.The average annual rainfall is above 40 cms.

Tourist attractions

1.Historical Gurudwara Buddha Johad- An large amazing gurudwara, which is 85 km from Ganganagar in south-west. This is a place where Bhai Sukha Singh and Mehtab Singh brought the head of Massa Rangarh (guilty of sacrilege of Amritsar Golden temple) and hung it on a tree on August 11, 1740.

2.Bror Village- The ruins of Indus valley civilisation are found here. It is located on Anoopgarh-Ramsinghpur road.

3.Laila-Manjnu ki Mazar(tomb), Binjaur village- It is 11 km far from Anoopgarh in western side.

4.Shri Jagadamba Andh-Vidhyalaya- One of the largest institutes of India for education of visually hearing and speech impaired people. It is situated within Ganganagar city.

5.Anoopgarh fort- It was built by Anoop Singh Rathore.

6.Kalpataru Power Plant situated near Padampur tehsil.[1]

7.Suratgarh Super Thermal Power Plant.

8.In Raisinghnagar a famous shiv mandir(Temple).

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