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Anantapur is a city and a municipal corporation in Anantapur district in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India. It is located 356 kilometres (221 mi) south of state capital, Hyderabad and is the headquarters of the Anantapur District. Anantapur was headquarters of “Datta Mandalam” (Rayalaseema and Bellary districts) in 1799 and Sir Thomas Manro was the first collector for ceded districts. Anantapur was the important place for the British Indian Army in 2nd World War. Current JNTU-CEA campus, once a bunker for the British artillery; remains can be found on the campus location.


As of 2006 India census,[3] Anantapur has a population of 516,359 (agglomeration 620,359) in City Corporation and has around 6.5 Lakhs along with Raptadu Tapovanam Sk University and other extensions. Males constitute 51% of the population and females 49%. Anantapur has an average literacy rate of 69%, higher than the national average of 59.5%; with 56% of the males and 44% of females literate. Ten percent of the population is under 6 years of age. Telugu , Kannada and English are the predominant languages of this city.


Anantapur offers some vivid glimpses of the prehistoric past. It is generally held that the place got its name from ‘Anantasagaram’, a big tank, which means “Endless Ocean”. The villages of Ananthasagaram and Bukkarayasamudram were constructed by Chilkkavodeya, the minister of Bukka-I, a Vijayanagar ruler. Some authorities assert that Ananthasagaram was named after Bukka’s queen, while some contend that it must have been known after Anantarasa Chikkavodeya himself, as Bukka had no queen by that name.
Anantapur is familiarly known as “Hande Anantapuram”, after the Hande family who ruled Anantapur and Bukkarayapatnam. The Hande family belonged to the Balija Naidu Community. Anantapur and a few other places were gifted by the Vijayanagar rulers to famous warrior Hande Hanumappa Naidu of the Hande family.
The place subsequently came under the Qutub, Shaks, Saiyads Mughals and the Nawabs of Cuddapah, although the Hande chiefs continued to rule as their subordinates. It was occupied by the Palergar of Bellary during the time of Hunde Ramappa Naidu but was eventually won back by his son, Siddappa. Morari Rao Ghorpade attacked Anantapur in 1757. Though the army resisted for some time, Siddappa ultimately bought off the enemy for Rs.50,000.
It then came into the possession of Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan. Tipu hanged all the male members of the Siddappa naidu of Hunde family except Siddappa Naiud who escaped from his confinement at Srirangapatnam. After Tipu’s death, it was once again taken back by Siddappa Naidu. Siddappa Naidu submitted himself to Nizam because of the treaty of 1799, who took the total control of the area. He was later pensioned off when British occupied the territory.

Anantapur city Places to Visit

The city of Anantapur has a population of 516,359. Anantapur is known for its tourist attraction. ISKCON temple at city limits on NH-7 is really precious. TankBund of Anantapur has almost all the god’s temples along with Musalamma Katta near Bukkaraya Samudram and Devarakonda which has Lord Venkateswara (KondaMeeda Raya) Temple (Road way is in progress to reach the top of the hill). GAVI MATHAM is the Cave near Musalamma Katta, it is heard that there is way to Penukonda and Gooty fort from this cave.


Anantapur is an important education centre.

Sri Krishnadevaraya University
Javaharlal Nehru Technological University (Covers Rayalaseema and nellore district’s engineering colleges from 2008-09)
Satya Sai Deemed University, Anantapur Campus.


Sri Venkateshwara Institute Of Technology, Hampapuram. (N.H.43)
Sri Sathya Sai Arts & Science junior college for women-Anantapur
Govt., ITI for women, Anantapur.
Govt., ITI for boys, Anantapur
SpringDale High School ===
St.Joseph Public School
SSBN PG and Degree College (Autonomous)
Sri Sai College of Nursing
Government Medical College
Government Junior College for Boys, New Town
Kasturba College of Physiotheraphy
Ragavendra College of Pharmacy
Little flower group of schools and B.E.D college
Sri Gayathri English Medium School, 1st Road, Anantapur.
Police Training College
Govt Polytechnic College
Gouse E-Techno school
Sri Satya Sai Baba BEd College, Penukonda
Anantapur Development Initiative
Sri Krishnadevaraya Engineering College (University Campus)
Moula Ali Engineering College
INTELLECTUAL Engineering College, (formerly INTELL engineering college)
Sri Balayesu Educational Institutes, Hindupur.
Gates Institute of Technology, (Gooty,47 km away from Anantapur)
Sri Krishnadevaraya Engineering College, Gooty
SV Degree & PG college
Sri Satya Sai Educational Institutions
INTELL M.C.A College
Sri Vani PG College
CVLNR PG College
Sri Balaji PG College
Besant PG College
CMI Degree College
Sri Sai Degree College
Corporate Colleges like Nalanda, Sri Chaitanya, Narayana etc.
Viswa Bharathi English Medium School
Vivekananda Educational Academy, Chittoor, Anantapur, Kadapa etc.
Concept schools like Narayana E-Techno schools,K eshava Reddy Talent Schools etc.
Sri Rama Rural Development And Educational Society Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh, India.
SPVM Degree College, Gorantla (Anantapur dist) by Mr. Bhakthavatsalam (principal)
The greater Gownipalli Z.P. High school
Medhavi Jr College, Anantapur
Baba Residential Learning Centre, Brahmanapalli,Puttaparthi
LRG High School
Gayatri English Medium High School
Kendriya Vidyalaya (S.K.University) high school
Guild Of Service Girls High School
Sree VidyaNikethan High School,VenuGopoal Nagar
Sree Chaitanya Junior Kalasala,Anantapur
Government Arts College, Anantapur
Government Arts College (affectionately known as The Grand Old Lady of Rayalaseema) Anantapuram, established in the year 1916. The college boasts a long list of high profile alumni including India’s former presidents, Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan and Dr. Neelam Sanjeeva Reddy; Former Chief Ministers of Andhra Pradesh like Sri Damodaram Sajeevaiah and Kotla Vijayabhaskar Reddy; and other persons like Dr U.R. Rao, former Chairman, ISRO and Y. Venugopala Reddy, the present Governor of Reserve Bank of India, John Dominic an International Musician regarding Drums & Percussions who has composed Sheet Notation for Warner Brothers Music Group, SONY BMG, and various other International Bands etc. hail from the same college.
Radha school of learning,High school,Samathagram,Anantapur.

Places of interest in and around Anantapu

Anantapur Clock Tower is in the heart of the city which brings back the memories of the Independence days during which it has been built.
Lepakshi Temple (is renowned as the repository of the best mural paintings of the Vijayanagar Kings. Lepakshi consists of three shrines dedicated to Shiva, Vishnu and ‘Virabhadra’). The temple is decorated with superbly sculptured pillars on which are carved life-size representations of musicians and dancers in various poses displaying spirit and vigour. One can also see the world’s largest Nandi (stone sculpture of the bull which Lord Shiva rides and the gate keeper of the Shiva) Lepakshi is 14 km from Hindupur
Puttaparthi, Prasanthi Nilayam (Home of Sri Satya Sai and to many facilities such as super speciality hospital, educational institutions, founded by Sri Satya Sai)
Thimmamarri manu (A large Banyan tree spread over 5 acres (20,000 m2) of land near Kadiri. This tree was recorded as the biggest tree in the Guinness Book of World Records in 1989)
Venkateswara Swamy Temple & Shiva Temple in Tadipatri. Architectural beauty.
Hanuman temple, Kasapuram, near to Guntakal
Belum Caves (natural Caves), 28 km from Tadipatri.
Sri Nallalamma Swamy Temple in the village Kanampalli, approximately 22 km from Anantapur.
Sri Nagalingeswara Swamy Temple in the village Neelampalli, approximately 12 km from Anantapur.
Buttre pally waterfall near kadiri 15 km from kadiri which falls only in rainy season.
Lakshmi Narasimha swamy temple Pennaohbulam which is 35 km from Ananthapur.
Kadiri Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Temple famous for the idol sweating[7]
Devarakonda only hill in Anantapur has a temple at the top.
ISKCON temple on the outskirts of the city on NH 7.
Temple of Lord Siva and Parvathi in Kuderu 20 km from Anantapur.
Temple of Sri Subramanyeswara Swamy in Pampanuru 20 km from Anantapur.
Temple of Sri Shiva in Kandukaru village 10 km from Anantapur (Old temple found in diggings).
Penukonda (Ghanagiri) 70 km from Anantapur and 120 km from Bangalore Air port: Hazrat Baba Fakroddin Dargah, Biggest Hanuman Statue laid from 14th century at entrance of Penukonda, Port wall, Timmarusu Samadhi, Big Narasimha swamy temple and big tank at hill top, One of the oldest Jain temple in the world (Pache Parswanatha swamy temple), Gagan Mahal (Summer resort for empire Krishna devaraya) are located in only Spiritual Town
Hanuman temple near Somuladoddi
Sri Rama Swamy temple in Kalyandurg
Katakoteshwara Temple near to Chillavaripalli in Anthapur district
Sri Ramalingeswara Swami temple in Jarutla Rampuram near to Uravakonda. 15 km from Uravakonda and 65 km from Anatapur. 15 km from Penna Ahobilam. This temple is in remote area. In this temple the water always flows under Siva Lingam from north to south. That’s why we called it South Kasi. Beside this temple is a big hill and a big forest (around 6,500 acres) and behind this temple is Penna River and M.P.R Dam.
Ganesh Park or popularly “Cheruvukatta” is a series of temples starting with Musalamma katta is on the bank of Ananthsagar in the old town of the city.
Sri Sringeri Sankar Matt situated on the Bengaluru Highway opposite the Sri Satya Sai Institute of Higher Learning is a seat of knowledge. The temple complex is situated on 1.8 acres (7,300 m2) and has the shrines of Sri Saradamba, Lord Ganesha, Sri Sankaracharya and Lord Chandra mouleeswara. The serene atmosphere and picturesque location makes the temple aa place to be visited daily.
Pampanuru a shrine of Lord Subramanya is 30 km away from the city.
Mallapuram mountains at 68 km from Anantapur

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